Swallowing Problems Still

I’m about to fall asleep but here goes a quick update for the week.

1. I finally started to eat some solid foods. Last friday I was still liquids only- this friday I’m eating scrambled eggs, fried rice, mac & cheese, and pudding (in fancy cups!). All food must still be very soft and swallowed in small amounts. Hip-hip-horray for food!

2. I had an endoscope this am to check out my esophagus. It does look like the pill caused ulcers in my esophagus that will eventually heal on their own. What I’ve been going through the last week plus is not a side effect of my new chemo prescription. This is good news!

3. I’m going to call my nurse now, before I fall asleep, to see when I can start my pills back up. I vote for Saturday early evening- after I get back from the Blue Man Group Show. I don’t want to be “getting to know my chemo” at the show!

(Saturday am update: I’m not starting my chemo this weekend.  Here’s why- I’m on a prescription that should help the throat ulcer heal.  Dr L wants to let that work over the weekend and see where I’m at on Monday.  I’ll have more info after my 4:30 Dr L apt on Monday.)
4. I had my first private yoga instruction lesson at the house last Wednesday. One of SW’s very generous personal trainer coworkers, Danielle, is donating her time to help me build back a strong yoga foundation. I’m incredibly sore from the breathing work! It’s still shocking to me how much cancer treatment kicks your butt. Truth is the stronger you are going into it, the harder they can hit your body to kill the cancer. All patients end up in in the same place- rock bottom.

All for now… More in a day or so I promise!

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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