Visiting Kim on the Home Streatch

This post is written by SW:

So Kim is almost done with treatments (one week from today) – Hooray! And…being one week away from finishing also means that she is seven weeks weak from the treatment. Eating and drinking are becoming increasingly harder for her to do and her daily walks might be a slow amble through New Seasons or a trip down the basement stairs and back. All of you, Kim’s friends & family, are awesome and so supportive and want to help and want to make plans with her to do random things.

All of those plans you want to make, well Kim wants to be able to do them with you. They are also not going to happen for a few more weeks as the true bottom of the treatment will happen sometime after the last radiation appointment. So instead of trying to make plans with Kim, take a look at her Week 7 & Week 8 schedules and when it looks like she’ll be at home, just stop by. Granted, she could be asleep in the basement watching something on Netflix and won’t hear your knock on the door. Or she could be sitting in the backyard watching the cats chasing bugs – so take a stroll down the driveway to check.

It really is that simple – at least on Kim’s end (which is what she needs). It might be a little harder on all of you to drive over. Either way you’ve come to visit her and she really would like that. She might only have the energy for 15 minutes of chatting or you’ll catch her on a day when she takes you on a 30 minute walk. Think of it as a lottery – luck of the draw – and hanging out with The Kim is the prize. Every once in awhile you’ll pull the sleeping Kim ticket. If that happens, just leave a little note to let her know you were here and you’ll be a winner in her book.

Also, she wants to hear stories of how you’re doing and the funny thing that happened the other day. Cancer sucks and the treatment Kim is doing really sucks, so distractions are nice.

p.s. – please knock since the doorbell is finicky.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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