Week 1 Bites the Dust!

Week 1 is done! Surprisingly, it went pretty OK and I am very pleased about that.

So far I’ve noticed a significant drop in my energy level. Doing every day chores like putting the hose back after watering the garden and lugging laundry up and down stairs is tiring. I’m still doing as much work as I can because exercise is essential. (And the idea that I’m relying on SW to do all the work bothers me greatly.)

Also, I’m consistently a little bit hungry. Eating small frequent snacks is a must to keep my tummy settled. Once hunger sets in nausea is just around the corner and that is BAD. I constantly carry snacks, water, and anti-nausea pills for when it strikes. I have yet to master the “wake up at 2:30 am feeling icky” problem but tonight I feel prepared. I have several pre-portioned apple sauce cups and pudding cups in the fridge ready for immediate consumption. This will help settle my belly, allow me to take anti-nausea pills, and sooth my scorched throat.

The scorched throat is a side effect of radiation. It’s not that bad yet but the effects are cumulative. I’m sure by week 8 it will be horrible. By the way, Dr W added a few more days to radiation, I’m now signed up for 8 weeks. Boo!

If any of you have questions for me about what’s going on add your questions as comments below. I’ll respond as time allows. If you are uncomfortable posting here you can always send me an email. If I feel your question is too personal, I’ll just delete them. 🙂

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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