Kim Strikes Back

I survived Day 1 of Week 1- Hooray for me!

The act of getting radiation is much different than I expected. A few items were standard as with most testing procedures, like…. I laid down on a small table that was attached to a huge machine. I exposed the “bad area”. I held perfectly still to let the machine do it’s thing while people watched me via camera from another room.

Once the radiation part started a huge machine rotated around my body 3 times. It was similar to getting a full mouth X-ray but this thing was much larger and it made full circles. I was really expecting a laser of some kind to shine on down me from the center of the machine but, nope, nothing like that happened. A dull piece of metal went around me 3 times and basically did nothing.

Chemotherapy was almost as uneventful too. By 9:45 my IV was in, I started the first necessary bag of saline, and the pharmacist was in my room ready to talk about drugs! Oh joy! I got the rundown on too many to count – drugs that are to help me with nausea, vomiting, and other general unpleasantness. She handed me a mini-shot glass filled with about 8 pills and said, “Enjoy!” Boy, did I! Lucky me I have a few of those gems in the to-go version.

After sucking down all my liquid in fast time I was able to leave by 3:00. I was very happy to not have the long lasting day that I was planning on.

Now, at 9:30, I’m doing pretty good. I feel more worn out from the anticipation of today than the actual events that took place. Still, I’ll be hitting the bed soon in hopes to get a good night of rest. I’m looking forward to another, not too eventful, yet productive day tomorrow.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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