Biopsy #2

Post by SW:

Well I can say that dropping the F-bomb in the Surgery Prep Area will get you a room with a door and a TV.

As I write this Kim is in her procedure, but it started 3 hours late and she hasn’t eaten since yesterday at 8pm. She is pissed.

Starting late wouldn’t have been such a bother if they had let Kim stay in her clothes and roam around the hospital until they really needed her, but they didn’t. They had her put her gown on and then went ahead and put in her IV and then told her she was going to have to wait 2 more hours, which ended up being 3.

That’s what I know right now. We will be stopping for TCBY on the way home.

About kimmywink

I'm Kim. I've got advanced lung cancer. It sucks.
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